Sunday, December 9, 2007

What Is Texas To Do?

I agree with the opinion stated in Swimming in a Sea of Red’s blog titled “Primary Derby.” When considering the already low voter turnout in Texas, it is obvious something needs to be done to get more involved. That said, our state faces obstacles. Presidential candidates on either side probably do not feel the need to pander to our great state because they know we swing right. Anyone running for office knows they need to put their time and resources into swing states. And as long as our state sits idly by, things will not change. The only time we will have a chance to see candidates will be at the $2300 a plate fundraisers previously spoken of.

So what is Texas to do? First, we should recognize our obstacles and find ways to work around them. Even though candidates know we swing right, we should still encourage them to come and have rallies and town hall meetings. Being a native Texan and not use to the treatment New Hampshirites, Iowans or other swing staters receive from candidates, having Rudy Giuliani or John Edwards in my living room seems unreal. Presidential candidates need to know Texans have questions too. And we should expect them to answer them on a more personal level. This problem also relates to another common problem. Most youth today feel they are overlooked by candidates who seem to give more time to older generations. This could be because older generations have bigger questions and appear to be more researched in their opinions. Young Americans are often viewed as flighty and undereducated. In the end, the loudest voices are often most heard. Texans should unite and take a stand for their most personal beliefs. Democracy works best when all voices are heard.