Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why YOU Should Vote November 6th

Many will not vote November 6th. Some will not because they feel their votes do not count in the grand scheme of it all. Others may simply feel that there is no need to get to the polls because there is no presidential or gubernatorial position up for grabs. Whatever their reason - they are far from correct with this reasoning. While electing officials into office is certainly vital, there are other issues that can be addressed by the everyday Texan next week if they go to the poll. As both Americans and Texans we should become more involved and cast our ballot because this constitutional election deals mostly with our money. As Secretary of State (and also the state's Chief Elections Officer) Phil Wilson puts it, "If we want to protect democracy in this state, we must get more Texans involved in the elections process. Our right to vote is one of our most important rights as Americans and I hope that all Texans will join me in casting their ballot to let their voices be heard."

What is on the ballot you might ask? Well, let me fill you in. Some deal with education, such as Proposition 2 that promises to provide for the issuance of $500 million in general obligation bonds to finance educational loans. Others deal with equipment needed for the state; Proposition 4 will authorize the issuance of up to $1 billion in bonds. Proposition 6 gives a tax exemption of one motor vehicle for individuals. My personal favorite, Proposition 9, would authorize a tax exemption for a disabled veteran's residence. Proposition 12 wants to give up to $5 billion for highway improvement project funds and Proposition 16 would promise up to $250 million in assistance to economically distressed areas. Twelve of the sixteen propositions deal with money in one way or another. And this leads to the big question: Where will the money come from? From our taxes of course, so as citizens and tax payers we all should have a say as to where our money goes. So before you completely write off taking part in the election process this coming week, I ask that you become informed and cast your vote. The only way democracy can ever reach its full potential is for everyone to participate and not just a select few.

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Government of The Lone Star State said...

I agree with the article but only to a certain extent because I am torn on the issue. I believe that everyone should vote to maximize the potential of a democracy. If everyone does not vote it is possible that some of the bills or elected officials are supported by only the select few that voted. On the other hand I think that it is a good thing that a lot of people don't vote. The reason I believe this is because I think a lot of people are ill informed on issues and may not vote for things that are in the best intrest of the state.