Thursday, November 15, 2007

Roots or Politics? I say neither.

I agree with the opinion stated in atexansopinion’s blog titled “Roots or politics?” To often in today’s culture we form opinions on others based on outward appearances. In the political world I image this problem to cause the most damage on a more local level. In an everyday Texas small town there are those who have the right last name and right resources to quickly push themselves to the forefront. Others face the challenge of surpassing the more well known candidate at election time. Also, if they are not independently wealthy they are forced to fight for contributions. After all, most are likely to donate to someone who they believe will win. They must also hope that their political platform impresses those in the community more than that of their opponent. The odds may be stacked against them, but they can overcome if people better inform themselves and make decisions based on principles rather than name recognition.

I believe this way of thinking goes beyond voting a person into office. Research should be done on anything prior to voting. The clichéd expression “knowledge is power” applies here. Before a proposition comes up for vote one should educate themselves on both sides of the issue and then make a reasoned decision on how to cast their ballot. As Texans and Americans we should demand our lawmakers be held accountable for their actions. Ask questions. Get involved. Never take anyone’s word and do not trust someone to have your local or state government in best interest just because of who they are or who they know. With Texas’s already low voter turnout rate, making an informed decision can only help to insure that democracy is practiced with the highest regard.

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